Camellia Glen – open Friday 4 and Saturday 5 June – 2021. Picking camellias….

Camellia Glen will be open again this Friday 4 June and Saturday 5 June 2021 – 8.00 to 3.00. We have lots of camellias in flower in the garden and a substantial range of sasanquas, japonicas, hybrids, a few reticulatas and species for sale. No eftpos and please byo carry bags. You are welcome to walk the garden and checkout plants in the nursery.

It is interesting to note the process some folk take in selecting a camellia. Many who are wanting hedges or screens or have a full sun/part shade spot know to select from the many sasanquas ideally suited to this – these are full sun hardy and take to being pruned very well. They also have a fabulous show of flowers in autumn and early winter. See Russhay below one of the many flowering now.

But it is the japonicas where many get caught up with a beautiful single bloom – and just want it. Nothing wrong with that when the right spot is selected for planting. At the risk of being repetitive, here in SE Queensland, we always recommend at least part shade for camellia japonica to flower at their best – because many flowers will sunburn in our ‘hot’ winter sun and flowers will damage and fall prematurely.

Reticulata – sasanqua hybrids – Flower Girl, Dream Girl and Show Girl are among the best garden plants – in our opinion. Large flowers in profusion, full sun hardy and the best display when in bloom. See photos below.

Some japonicas might not be the most spectacular as individual flowers – see Wildfire below – a great semidouble red with a column of yellow stamen – but the bush in full flower is stunning. Cara Mia is another example where folk bypass the individual flower but are stopped by the bush in flower. Pics below. Add Polar Bear – a chalky white semi double Australian variety which is always a winner as a bush in flower – in any garden. It is also a great individual bloom.

There are many varieties that make excellent garden specimens – San Dimas, Grand Slam and Grand Slam Variegated, Susie Fortson, Pink Gold, Emperor of Russia and Variegated, Grand Marshall……. Really too many to mention. But consider the plant when making your selection – look at the growth habit and the show the plant puts on in the garden – not just the single flower in a display.

Of course, single flowers are also important for ‘showing’ blooms – whether in Camellia competitions, the local show, garden club or just for a float bowl for yourself. And in these cases, the more the merrier.

Talk to us about your needs – we are happy to show you plants in our garden – which might make your selection process easier. It might not too – but it will be fun!

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